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our first home: finishing the kitchen

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Before, our kitchen was brown… a busy brown. The only thing I liked was that the cabinets, at one time, were white. They were now “patinaed” to a yellowed cream.  As mentioned, I “pinned” a lot of kitchen ideas and knew the components I wanted to incorporate into my style.. my “adjectives” were: farmhouse, clean, comfortable, and glam. I tried to keep the last adjective a secret from my husband Matt. I knew I couldn’t adequately explain how “glam” fit into the kitchen vision. Continue reading

our first home: kitchen cabinets

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One of the most important rooms for a host is the kitchen.

I wish my “before” pictures were clearer, but there is a lot I wish were different about the process of this project. This was the first project we tackled at our new home, and it was the hardest. Well, maybe that fan we installed in the living room was just as hard. I know I cried during both projects, and Matt asked, “Should we just hire someone?”

It would not be the only time he was to ask me that question.

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hi matt & mama.

Matt, my husband, and my mama, Mary, are two people I KNOW will read this post, perhaps the only people who will ever read this; I’ve always wondered, who reads all of these blogs? And, who thinks what they have to say is important enough that other people would want to read it.

I have two confessions to make. I’ve made fun of bloggers. I even joked about making a blog about other peoples’ blogs called “blogservations.” My other confession, I’ve spent hours reading blogs. I learned how to cook new things, upholster a chair from Goodwill, refinish our kitchen cabinets, and cut the perfect side-swept bangs…all from blogs. What confidence a good blog can give you! There are all of these people out there, sharing their knowledge, teaching from their mistakes, and helping readers create new things. What a service they are doing for others… and for me.

So, I write my blog post to my husband and my mama for tasting my food creations, going to countless antique, consignment, and Goodwill stores, sanding and priming kitchen cabinets, and for always believing me when I say, “I think I can make that.”

And, for reading this.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,                                      faithfully administering God’s grace…” I Peter 4:10